Self-managed Private Cloud

Shorten the development to deployment lifecycle

Low Cost

To enable instant change deployment

Cross Platform

Reduce downtime during deployment & errors caused by manual intervention

Subscription Licensing

Optimize tooling expenditure, increase productivity

Most of the enterprises want to embrace the cloud to enjoy the pack of features it provides. But they are turned down by the security challenges and the external location where the data resides.What if all the features of a public cloud are offered within your datacentre?

Sensiple is specialized in deploying Enterprise grade hyper-converged private cloud powered by Red Hat OpenStack Platform within your data center so that all your applications and data remain within your premises and still enjoy all the benefits of a cloud – like elasticity, reliability, quick deployment, server consolidation, storage optimization and less carbon footprint. Thus the ROI will start right from day-one. FulCloud enables cloud service providers to meet the needs of their customers with a dedicated hosted private cloud offering.

Tabbed Content: 


  • Services on-demand thru self service portal
  • Rapid Scalability
  • Highly Available
  • Diaster Recovery
  • Software Defined Networking (Neutron/NSX)
  • Software Defined Storage (Ceph,Cinden, Swift)
  • Service Orchestration with pervasive automation
  • Workload mobility


  • Dell - Red Hat Reference Architecture
  • "2+1" High Availability
  • Full support from vendors (Dell & Red Hat)
  • Centralized Deployment and Management
  • Scalable Data Recovery
  • Multi-site Geo Distributed DR


  • Physical and Virtual Security
  • Secure, Policy based access control


  • Resource Pooling and over subscription
  • Reduce CAPEX and improved OPEX
  • Reduced admin-toserver ratio
  • Cost reduction
  • Licensing cost
  • Phisical hardware cost
  • Over subscription cost
  • Reduced server footprint